ATTEND 2021 


An unforgettable experience on the beautiful Lake Martin.

MAY 29 - JULY 16, 2021

Tuition: $4750

Come experience radical transformation this summer as you learn to step into your true identity in the Lord Jesus alongside authentic community. At LEGACY, we believe in fun too! You will enjoy amazing community while we share in meals, skiing, movie nights, kayaking and even volleyball by the lake. This summer will be a blast. You will leave refreshed, renewed and redeemed to live an empowered life in Christ Jesus. 


We are pleased to offer need-based scholarships for the summer semester. In order to be considered for a scholarship, please have your LEGACY application completed by April 30th. There will be a supplemental scholarship application process following your completion of the primary application.



Haley Roth


"I got to share every part of me. There was no fear, no shame and no condemnation. I was able to receive so many truths about myself that I never realized. Those truths that were spoken over me changed my life forever, hearing what the Lord had to say to me through other people."


"Since being at LEGACY I've found a really deep inner peace. I came to the realization through some of the classes that God is at peace with me. The crosses work is complete in my life. I am confident in who He is and who I am in Him."

Anne Coleman Bradford


"I had convinced myself if I didn't do a certain checklist of things that I didn't have the right to go to the Lord. I realized God would never want that to be a burden. God is never a burden. And that has been such an amazing revelation."