Our flagship semester
for over a decade.

JANUARY 16 - APRIL 16 2021

Tuition: $7,000

Our spring semester ministers best to the student who desires a serious intensification in their personal walk with God. Spring is our most extensive, in-depth curriculum with the focused aim of spirit-living that resembles the realities of the first century disciples. You will receive 500+ hours of teaching, personal study and character development that is sure to transform your personal walk and rhythm with God forever. Your life will never be the same.

We are pleased to offer need-based scholarships to applicants who demonstrate a desperation to go deeper with the Lord Jesus, and who are actively fundraising and working to cover their tuition. We do not offer full scholarships. It is our belief that your time at LEGACY will be all the more impactful if you get skin in the game.

In order to be considered for a scholarship for this upcoming Spring 2021 Semester, please complete your LEGACY application first. There will be a supplemental scholarship application process following your completion of the primary application.




"Before LEGACY, I was completely driven by what the culture around me was doing. I knew the Lord, but we weren't one yet. Now, I couldn't imagine my heart being unbound from His. He is my love, my joy, my promptings throughout the day. He is everything. I am made full and alive only by the Lord and stepping into His freedom every single day has been the sweetest experience."


"Community is what I was missing. In missing community, I was also missing the entire scope of God's purpose. This I know: God loves me. God saved me. God is saving me. God loves you. God is saving you. God loves us. God is bringing us together."


"My life before LEGACY was one of confusion, guilt and shame. At LEGACY I learned what resurrection life is. I learned that the same life that raised Jesus from the dead lives in me. As I started to live in this new life, everything of old was done away with. Today I get to live in freedom. I live in the resurrection ministry of Jesus Christ."


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